BSSMC 2024 

Sunday, January 21st CE Eligible Presentations:

2:30 pm Registration Opens

3:00 pm Opening remarks: Jeffrey S Monroe, BSSMC Executive Director, Michigan State University Emeritus

3:00 pm “The Concussion Gap” Doug McKeag MD, University of Indiana, Emeritus

3:20 pm “Frequency, Confidence, and Educational Satisfaction of Emergency Care Skills among Certified Athletic Trainers” Ellen Payne MS AT, Billings, MT

3:40 pm “Structural Foot Injuries in Sport” James Holmes MD, University of Michigan Consultant

4:05 pm “Evidence Based Approach to Orthobiologics in Athletes – Because We Should or Because We Can?” James Cook DVM, PhD, OTSC, University of Missouri

4:30 pm “Sideline Evaluations of HEENT Injuries” Kent Diduch MD, Team Physician, Mary Baldwin University”

5:00 pm “Female and Male Athlete Triad/REDs” Siobhan Statuta MD, University of Viginia

5:30 pm “Preparticipation Cardiac Screening in Athletes” Thomas McGarry MD, Team Cardiologist, NBA Oklahoma Thunder,

6:00 pm NFL Playoff Welcome Reception, Hosted by Enovis and SamSport, Jefferson Room, Families and Friends Invited


Monday, January 22nd, AM Session CE Eligible Presentations

7:00 am Opening remarks: Jeffrey S Monroe, Executive Director

7:00 am “The Importance of Dual Tasking Activities in Early Rehabilitation” Randy Cohen PT AT, Tucson Arizona

7:20 am “Post-Traumatic Growth – Finding Benefits within Challenges” Daniel Sundahl, Founder of the Recovery and Resiliency Foundation

7:40 am “Regenerative Medicine Applications in Sports Medicine for Soft Tissue Healing and Return to Play” – Jason Krystofiak, MD, CAQSM – Medical Director of Sports Medicine, RWJ Barnabas Health; Rutgers Football Team Physician.

8:00 am “Current Health Care Insurance Issues in College Athletics” Kelly Myers MBA, Pennington, New Jersey

8:20 am “Clinical Effectiveness of Sustained Acoustic Medicine in the Treatment of Soft Tissue Injury” George K. Lewis, PhD, MS., Biomedical Engineer, Mechanobiologist and Neurobiologist in Regenerative and Sports Medicine

8:40 am Exhibit Hall Break

9:00 am “Return to Play at the Speed of Sound and Light” Michael McGee DPT, Head Clinical Athletic Trainer, Indiba

9:20 am “Advances in Un-Weighted Running” Jimmy Bean, CEO Boost Treadmills

9:40 am “The Amount of Antioxidants that You Maintain in Your Body is Directly Proportional to How Long You Will Live” Vince Feranda, Pharmanex

10:00 am “The Efficacy of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Athletics” Dr. Zayd Ratansi ND

10:20 am End of Monday AM Session


11:00 am Workshop Presentations, Monday, January 22nd CE Eligible Presentations

“Hands on Introduction to Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound on Common Body Parts” Jeanine Noble PT, MS, RMSK- MSK Lead, CME Division and Chloe Heavely of Smith Chason College WCUI School of Medical Imaging

Learn How: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound gives you the ability to diagnose and treat Patients more accurately.  There will be three one-hour sessions starting at 11:00 am; 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm



Monday, January 22nd, PM Session 

3:00 pm “Multifunction Cardiogram, MCG, Detecting Cardiac Diseases in Athletes” Dr. Marianne Pinkston MD

3:20 pm “Alter-G, Role of Anti-gravity Training in Rehabilitation and Return to Sport” Kaci Brandt, PT, DPT

3:40 pm “MTBI, Neuroplasticity, and Dynamic Rehabilitation Increasing Return to Play Rates” Shon Harker, President and Founder at Stroops, MSME, Inventor of Hundreds of Fitness and Rehab Products, Twp Time Collegiate Academic All-American – Football, Inventor of Hundreds of Fitness and Rehab Products

4:00 pm “Accelerating Return to Play Utilizing Clarix® Human Birth Tissue: Case Discussions” BioTissue, Robert Anderson MD, Renown Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Team Physician of the Green Bay Packers, Jason Krystofiak, MD, CAQSM – Medical Director of Sports Medicine, RWJ Barnabas Health; Rutgers Football Team Physician.

4:20 pm Exhibit Break

4:40 pm “Technologic Solutions to Provide a Safe and Healthy Environment” Mary Vander Heiden MS AT, Central Florida University, William Pommerening, AirPHX CEO

5:00 pm “Mechanistic Insights into Sport-Related Concussion: Acceleration/Deceleration of the Brain,” Jeff Chambers MS, AT, CEO of Guardian Athletics

5:20 pm “A Photoceutical Approach to the Continuum of Care” John Bruno AT, MultiRadiance

5:40 pm  “Updates in Research and Design of Football Helmet Manufacturing” Matt Shimshock MBA, Riddell Corporation


6:00 pm Sponsors Reception, Exhibit Hall, hors devours, adult beverages, attendees are expected to attend. Raffle drawing for $100 Vouchers.



Tuesday, January 23rd, AM Sessions, Concussion Day CE Eligible Presentations

7:00 am Opening remarks, Jeffrey Kutcher MD, Director, The Kutcher Clinic for Sports Neurology Brighton, MI 

7:15 am “Cases, Confounders and Curiosities” Jeffrey Kutcher MD, Kutcher Clinic

7:45 am “Current Concepts in Concussion Management” Stephanie Alessi-LaRosa, MD, MPH , Director of the Hartford Healthcare Sports Neurology Program in Hartford, CT and the program director of the Hartford Healthcare Sports Neurology Fellowship, Hartford, CT

8:15 am Exhibit Break

8:30 am “Gender Health Disparities in Sports Concussions” Meeryo Choe MD, Pediatric Neurologist, UCLA Brain Sport, Los Angeles, CA

9:00 am “Neuroimaging of the Mechanobiology of the Brain – MRI and Beyond” Charles Liu MD, Team Physician at University of Southern California, Professor of Clinical Neurology, Director of USC Neurorestoration Center, Los Angeles, CA

9:30 am “Optimizing In-Event Concussion Evaluation and Management” Javier Cardenas MD, Director of Concussion and Brain Injury Center, West Virginia University, Vice Chair of the NFL Head Neck and Spine Committee

10:00 am “Health Disparities in Sports Medicine” Sid Hinds MD, University of Michigan Concussion Center, Medical Director of the MLSPA and Deputy Director/Chief Equity Officer for the NFL Players Association

10:30 am End of Morning Session


Workshops, CE Eligible Presentations: 

11:00 am “Neural Feedback with Musculoskeletal Ultrasound”, Shawn Felton EdD, AT, Interim Dean- Marieb College of Health and Human Services, Florida Gulf Coast University, Arie van Duijn PT, MScPT, EdD, Professor of Physical Therapy at FGCU and Jacqueline van Duijn PT, DPT, Director of Clinical Education of the Doctoral Physical Therapy Program, at FGCU

12:30 pm “Insights Using Exertional Tasks in Clinical Settings for Sport-Related Concussion Evaluations” Kyla Pyndiura PhD(c), Laboratory Manager at the Centre of Sport-Related Concussion Research, University of Toronto, CA




Tuesday Afternoon, January 23rd, PM Sessions, Concussion Day CE Eligible Presentations

3:00 pm “Optimizing Use the SCAT Symptom Checklist” Nicholas Port PhD, Professor in the Indiana School of Optometry, University of Indiana

3:30 pm “Effectiveness of Digital Self-guided Rehabilitation for Treating Persisting Symptoms after Concussions” Michael Hutchison PhD, Professor and Director of the Concussion Program at MacIntosh Sports Medicine Clinic

4:00 pm “Concussion Research Renaissance: Renovating Methodologies” Jake Carpenter-Thompson, MD/PhD; Director of Clinical Research, The Kutcher Clinic for Sports Neurology

4:30 pm Exhibit Break

4:45 pm “Poster Presentation Recognition” Jeffrey Kutcher MD, Kutcher Clinic

5:00 pm “Panel Discussion on the Advancements, Challenges and Predictions of Concussion Management” led by Jeffrey Kutcher MD, All Faculty

6:00 pm End Afternoon Session


8:00-9:00 pm Desert Reception: “Special Inter-Active Workshop, CE Eligible Presentation: “Concussion Portrayal in the Media and Overcoming Misinformation” Kate Essad MD MBA

Special Introduction by Tom O’Neill of Cognivue, Moderated by Jeffrey Kutcher MD, Featuring Noelani Mulligan, Hollywood Stunt Actress with insight into head trauma during film making.

Intro/background: It is known that thorough education on the current understanding of concussion is a keystone in providing concussion care. Often, experts are faced instead with the task of reeducating patients and correcting patients’ perspectives on this condition that were formed from incorrect information that was available to them through the media.


Wednesday, January 24th , AM Session, Ortho Day CE Eligible

7:00 AM Opening remarks, Geoffrey Baer MD, University of Wisconsin Team Physician

7:05 am “Thoughts and Perspectives on Being an Effective Team Physician” Matthew Matava MD, Team Physician, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

7:25 am “Pre-Participation Challenging Cases: Clear or Not to Clear” Dave Bernhardt MD, Team Physician, University of Wisconsin

7:45 am “Shoulder Instability In the Athlete” Grant Jones MD, Team Physician, The Ohio State University and Anthony Zacharias MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Kenosha, W

8:20 am “SLAP Tears in the Overhead (Throwing) Athlete:  Repair or Tendodesis” Kieth Kenter MD, Team Physician, Chair of Orthopedics, Western Michigan University

8:40 am “The Throwing Elbow/Ulnar Collateral Ligament” Gregory Cvetanovich MD, Team Physician, The Ohio State University

9:00 am “Rotator Cuff Trauma in Contact Sports” James Carpenter MD, University of Michigan, Team Physician

9:20 am “Clavicle Fractures, Management in 2024” Seth Gamrat MD, Team Physician, University of Southern California

9:40 am “Pearls for Shoulder and Elbow Exam” John Orwin MD, University of Wisconsin Emeritus, Madison, Wisconsin

10:00 am “Thumb Injuries and Their Surgeries” Jonathan Tueting MD, Rush University Medical Center

10:20 am “Upper Extremity Injuries” Geoffrey Baer MD, Team Physician, University of Wisconsin

11:00 am End of Morning Session


11:15 am Workshop: “The Missing Link? Managing the Neurological Impact of Injury for Faster Recovery”   (Lunch will be provided.)    

Ramona von Leden, PhD (NeuFit Director of Research and Clinical Education) Ramona has dedicated her career to investigating novel approaches to work with the nervous system to improve recovery from injury and disease. She earned her B.S. in Psychology from Brown University, her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Texas at Austin’s Dell Medical School.

Sara Starc, MSOT, OTR/L, CPT Sara is a skilled OT and an experienced NeuFit practitioner, renowned for her proficiency in supporting both amateur and professional athletes across a spectrum of sports disciplines through the innovative NeuFit Method. With a strong foundation in hand and upper extremity dysfunction, concussion management, and sports science, Sara is deeply committed to a holistic and innovative approach to athlete care.

This workshop will demonstrate how the Neubie device can accelerate recovery from injuries and surgery by managing the neurological response to trauma that often goes untreated. The patented direct current technology identifies and corrects protective guarding and inhibition resulting from injuries, helping athletes heal faster and return to competition well ahead of schedule. Beyond rehabilitation, the Neubie activates muscles pre-competition and enhances mobility – while also speeding recovery post-game. Attendees will learn how to incorporate the Neubie to get athletes back on the field quicker while optimizing performance capacity over a season through improved strength, increased range of motion, and mitigating long-term wear and tear.



Wednesday, January 24th, PM, Ortho Day. CE Eligible

3:00 pm “ACL Graft Choices” Geoffrey Baer MD, Team Physician, University of Wisconsin

3:20 pm “Biologic Resurfacing of the Knee” Brian Walczak DO, Team Physician, University of Wisconsin

3:40 pm “Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restoration (BEAR®) Implant vs ACL Repair, Where We Are in 2024” Ed Tingstad MD, Washington State University, Team Physician

4:00 pm “ACL Anterior Lateral Ligament (ALL) vs Lateral Extra-Articular Tenodesis (LET)” Molly Day MD, Team Physician, University of Wisconsin Orthopedics

4:20 pm “Hip Controversies, Case Based Approach” Winston Gwathmey MD, University of Virginia Orthopedics and Matthew Smith MD, Washington University. St. Louis, MO

4:45 pm “Management of Turf Toe Injuries” Alan Shamrock MD, Hospital of Special Surgery, New York, NY

5:05 pm “Decision making for Patella Instability – a Case Based Approach” David Diduch MD, Division Head, Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, University of Virginia

5:25 pm “Lower Extremity Injuries” Geoffrey Baer MD, Team Physician, University of Wisconsin

6:00 pm End of Afternoon Session


Thursday, January 25th, Ortho Day, CE Eligible Final Session

7:00 am “The Association of Previous Youth Tackle Football Participation with Acute Contact-Related Injuries in High School Football Players” Alison Brooks MD, University of Wisconsin Orthopedics

7:30 am: “Introducing Adjustable Height Workstations and its Impact on Spinal Health in the Industrial Setting” Michael E. Chapman EdD, LAT, ATC

8:00 am “Never Feel Limited Or Defined By The Initials After Your Name” Timothy Thompson, PA-C, MBA

8:30 am “Mental Health Action Plan: Ways to Appropriately identify and Respond to Mental Health Concerns “ Dr. Ryan Pittsinger, Texas A&M University-Assistant Athletic Director- Director of Counseling and Sport Psychology Services

9:00 am “The Effects of Limb Dominance on ACL reconstruction outcomes – a recent study” Matthew Turner DPT, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

9:30 am “Ageism in Athletics” John Orwin MD, University of Wisconsin Emeritus, Madison, Wisconsin

10:00 am “Exploring Acute Knee Injuries in Climbing: Mechanisms, Movements, and Insight” Jared Vagy PT, DPT, University of Southern California


10:30 am End of Conference